The Mitzi Method

Once upon a time well-designed, well-made, well-priced lighting was well, non-existent. We've always believed everyone should have access to beautiful lighting. It was from that lightbulb moment, Mitzi was born.

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The Mitzi Method

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About Mitzi
At Mitzi, we believe everyone should have access to beautiful lighting. Design is personal and your perspective matters more than ever. Whether you’re elevating your nightstands with a sleek pair of lamps or overhauling your kitchen lighting, Mitzi delivers unrivaled design that will transform your space. Because everyone deserves good lighting.
From bold wall and ceiling lights to selfie-approved bathroom and vanity lights, Mitzi lighting fixtures deliver style and substance. Have commitment issues? Mitzi’s portable lighting fixtures like table and floor lamps have less permanence and can transition with you from room to room over time.