Mitzi values your privacy. If you would like to submit a request pertaining to your data under the California Consumer Privacy Act, please complete the form below.

How to Submit a CCPA Request

If you wish to submit a CCPA request, you have three options. You may complete and submit the appropriate online request form in our online request portal. Use the following link to access the online request portal:

You may also submit requests by emailing or calling 1-833-MyMitzi.

You may submit a request yourself or through an authorized agent. If you choose to have an authorized agent submit a request for you, your authorized agent must email us a form, signed by you, authorizing the agent to submit a request on your behalf. The authorized agent will then need to submit a request using one of the three methods listed below.

Please note, if you have multiple email addresses or phone numbers that you have used with us and would like to make a request for each one, you must submit a separate request for each.


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How We Respond to CCPA Requests

We respond to all requests we receive from individuals wishing to exercise their consumer privacy rights in accordance with applicable consumer privacy laws. If your request is subject to the CCPA, within 15 days of receiving your request, we will confirm that we received it and explain to you how we will process it, including any further information we may need.

When you submit a disclosure or deletion request, we will need to verify your identity. We will also need to verify your identity if you use an agent to submit a request on your behalf. To verify your identity, we will match information that you provide us with information in our records.

We may require you to provide us with additional information to complete our verification or to respond to your request. We will use this information only for purposes of verifying your identity and responding to your request, where we are required to do so. We will delete information that you provide us to verify your identity after we process your request, unless we are required by law to maintain a record of it. Any information that we maintain will be securely protected consistent with our general information security practices.

There may be requests that we are unable to fulfill. For instance, we may deny requests when required by law, when we are unable to verify your identity, when complying with your request would interfere with the rights of others, or when necessary to exercise or defend legal claims. This is not a comprehensive list and we reserve the right to refuse your request in other circumstances. If we refuse your request, we will explain to you our reasons for such refusal.