Scandifornian Design with Natalie Myers

Today we’re sitting down with Natalie Myers, an interior designer known for her elevated laid-back style.

  1. Tell us a bit about you and your style.

    I describe my style as “Scandifornian”. A term I coined that describes Nordic and Japanese minimalism, softened and layered with natural textures and tones indicative of a California lifestyle.

  2. How do you find inspiration?

    Instagram is an important source for me. I follow designers from different parts of the world to see what they are up to, along with photographers, artists, and furniture makers. Feeling like you are part of a collective design tribe helps you refine what makes your own voice unique. I also follow real estate listings in my area and get a kick out of seeing older homes with forgotten design styles as well as the direction newer homes are going.

    Image Credit: Coco Chandelier & Liza Lamp. Design: Natalie Myers.
  3. At what point in the design process do you begin to think about lighting?

    I work out where I’m going to place wall sconces, pendants, chandeliers, and recessed lighting in the initial space planning phases and hold that thought until the general vibe for the room is decided. Once I know what the finishes for the cabinetry, hardware, plumbing fixtures, and tile are then I get to the fun part of selecting the lighting fixtures that will mesh into the scheme and provide the right look.

  4. How would you advise readers to think about lighting and how it affects a space?

    I always look at lighting as jewelry for a room. It adds sparkle and shine. I think it's worth investing in nicer fixtures (just like jewelry) because it's where your eye will go first. It's also important to get the right scale for the space. Too big or too small, and a fixture looks off.

    Image Credit: Cadence Sconce. Design: Natalie Meyers.
  5. Do you have any tips for choosing the right lighting fixture for a space?

    Define the style of the space and then do a search based on that. Lighting will reinforce the general statement you are trying to make. Is it glam? Or retro? Or modern? Etc. Unless you feel very confident in your mixing of styles and genres, I would stick to modern lighting for a modern room and so on. Once you have the style down, feel free to mix materials. The light doesn’t have to perfectly match the other finishes you have in the room.


The Coco Chandelier - I like the curvy take on a classic dome light. I have it in my living room. People compliment me on it consistently because it doesn’t look like classic chandeliers.

The Ellis Pendant looks simple on the first glance. It actually has a playful Parisian art deco cue upon deeper inspection. I would use it as a pair in a bedroom. Flanking a bed, one hanging over each nightstand. Tres chic.

The Whit Chandelier is so weird! I love how funky it is. What a terrific conversation starter/statement piece for a bigger stairway/entry.

The Talia Wall Sconce has an atomic mid century profile that makes it versatile in many homes. It would look great as a kitchen sconce or in a powder room.