Diving in with creative Dani Nagel aka @danidazey

  1. Tell us a bit about you and your style.

    I dabble in quite a few creative pursuits from art, graphic design, fashion design, to interiors. But the unifying factors in all my work is my love of color, vintage design, and making a bold statement.

  2. How do you find inspiration?

    Inspiration is all over! I keep a running list on my phone because ideas will hit me at random. Sometimes a graphic design can be inspired by a piece of furniture, sometimes an interior can be inspired by a piece of art. My main sources of inspiration are vintage design and following fellow creatives who I admire. Finding inspiration from others is wonderful, you just have to make sure to also make it yours. [IMAGE] Image Credit: Amee Chandelier. Design: Dani Nagel.

    Image Credit: Amee Chandelier | Design: Dani Nagel
  3. When did you first know that you were destined to design? Was it something you always knew or was it more spontaneous?

    I have been drawn to art and design since I was a child. I come from a very creative family that always fostered our artistic pursuits. When I was younger, I was torn between wanting to be a fashion designer, artist, or interior designer. I had no idea I would eventually pursue all three and am so grateful I never limited myself.

  4. Was there a particular experience or piece of advice that helped shape the way you think about design?

    I think time and experience are the biggest factors in discovering and establishing your artistic style. I remember struggling early in my design career to feel like my work was consistent and had its own voice. It made me question if I was even cut out to be a designer. Looking back, the piece of advice I would give my younger self would be not to worry so much and give yourself space and time to explore.

  5. What’s your favorite room in your house right now?

    I have both a spanish style penthouse apartment in the Hollywood Hills and Mid-century modern Palm Springs vacation home. In the desert house, my favorite has to be our brightly wallpapered living room with a striking gallery wall filled with original artwork by my late grandmother.

    Design: Dani Nagel
  6. At what point in the design process do you begin to think about lighting?

    As a graphic designer turned interior designer, I digitally mock up all my ideas before committing to decisions. Choosing lighting is done very early in the process because sometimes a room can be built around a statement pendant or chandelier. I love working with Mitzi because there are so many options you can find to easily suit any room!

    Image Credit: Ashleigh Chandelier | Design: Dani Nagel
  7. How would you advise readers to think about lighting and how it affects a space?

    I am a firm believer that lighting can truly transform a space. Especially in a rental which often comes with less-than-ideal lighting. Lights are surprisingly easy to switch out and make a massive impact without having to do any actual construction.

  8. Do you have any tips for choosing the right lighting fixture for a space?

    I like to consider these three things. Era/style: Lighting looks change drastically by era and style. If you are going for a specific theme in a room or space, I would get lighting that matches that vibe. Our penthouse is super art deco, so there’s funky brass and heavy glass pieces. Metallics: I generally try to keep metals within the same family when possible. If I do have to mix metals due to something I can’t change, I try and equally incorporate both so it feels intentional. In our desert house, I can’t swap out the silver handles of our original vintage oven, but I really wanted to add a new brass faucet and handles. I decided on a multi-metal lighting fixture that unified both silver and brass! Light output/tone: Of course the decorative aspect of lighting is important, but at the end of the day they have a very functional job to do. I try to pay attention to the wattage and amount of light a fixture will put out and how that will fit into a space. Some places you may want a moody vibe, like a dining room, and some places you may need it bright, like a kitchen or art studio.


I love the Amee Chandelier so much that I have one in both my penthouse and art studio.

The Ashleigh Chandelier, the centerpiece of our bold and bright yellow bedroom!

Paige Linear - this cutie is in our pink kitchen and I find it absolutely charming. The scalloped edges are adorable.

Willow Chandelier - I put this one in my client’s space, Almost 30 Podcast, and it’s just fabulous. It feels like a practical piece of art.

Athena Table Lamp in burnt orange. It was practically made for our bright orange Mid-century home. Such a playful and colorful piece that makes me smile.